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Stay ultra-dry and comfortable with Ultrasorbs.

Why use a conventional under pad when you can use Ultrasorbs drypads? Designed to hold moisture away from the skin, absorb leaks and reduce odor, no other incontinence pad compares.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause skin damage. Ultrasorbs drypads help maintain skin health by pulling moisture away from skin.

One super absorbent Ultrasorbs  drypad cares for patient and acts as a bed protector. No double padding required.

Soft and breathable, cloth-like fabric has a low profile that reduces pressure underneath the body for dryness and comfort.

Change pads and linens less frequently with Ultrasorbs. One drypad absorbs wetness and locks in moisture away from skin to ensure ongoing dryness.

A full 300 milliliters of water was poured onto a Ultrasorbs drypad and a typical under pad. After 7 minutes, each pad was touched with a white cotton glove to see how well they lock in moisture. See the results for yourself.

Ultrasorbs® Drypad

Ultrasorbs traps moisture inside to help protect skin.

Typical under pad

Competition leaves moisture on the surface.

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