Page: Sterillium Rub

All the required power to fight bacteria—without CHG

Sterillium Rub Waterless Surgical Scrub gets the job done without CHG, which can put you and your patients at risk for skin irritation, allergic reaction and acquired bacterial resistance.1

Plus, it does not contain added fragrances, which can aggravate allergies.

Sterillium Rub2

Kills Germs, Helps Comfort Skin

Skin Maintenance

Balanced emollient blend leaves hands feeling soft and smooth, never greasy or sticky.

Quick and Easy Gloving

Sterillium dries quickly and leaves no buildup.

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Caregivers are more likely to comply with hand hygiene protocols when the products they use do not irritate or dry their skin.

1. Kampf G. What is left to justify the use of chlorhexidine in hand hygiene? Journal of Infection Prevention. 2008; 70(51):27-34.