Page: Smart Read Biological Monitoring System

Get confirmed results, not predictions.

In the battle against healthcare acquired infections, the Center for Disease Control and other regulators demand the assurance that subversive microorganisms are not adversely affecting your patient population. You need 100% accurate results and to eliminate false positives.

If any mold spores survive your incubation process, it provides documentation and an alarm.

Our Smart-Well incubators automatically monitor biological progress, generating status reports and printouts from its dedicated printer. Automatic record keeping; eliminates manual work. It’s fast and easy to use.

How it works

  1. Remove the exposed SmartWell indicator from the load
  2. Place the indicator in the crushing cavity, which saturates the strip with purple growth media
  3. Place the activated indicator in any of the ten chambers in the incubator

Bacterial spores of geobacillus stearothermophilus endure all the lethal conditions that occur during the cycle. The Smart-Well incubator automatically monitors the biological progress. Then it generates a status report and printouts from its fully integrated printer.

What printouts show

  • Sterilizer number/name
  • Cycle parameters, including time
  • Temperature and dry time
  • Operator initials
  • Incubation time and results
  • Plus, any additional information programmed by the Smart-Well user