Page: Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair for Safe Patient Handling by LiftUp

Now there’s a better way to lift someone after a fall.

Protect caregivers from serious injury with the new Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair. This sleek, innovative, battery-operated chair enables one assistant to safely raise a large adult to a sitting or standing position in just a few minutes.

Fast and simple setup
Raizer is easy to assemble. Components are placed around
the fallen person, with little disruption, and locked into position.

Safer for caregivers
One assistant can easily perform the lift with virtually
no physical effort besides a supportive hand.

Patients are lifted safely and comfortably from the floor in minutes.

Four simple steps:

Place the seat motor under the person’s knees.

Attach components to the seat motor.

Mechanically lift using the console buttons or optional remote control.

Transfer to a walker or wheelchair.

Components are built around the patient to cause minimal disruption.

Seatbelt provides extra security.

Operation is simple, and the smooth lifting motor is never jarring.

The fallen person is fully lifted in minutes.



Raizer’s seven lightweight components are color-coded for intuitive assembly.

Cleaning’s a snap with the smooth surfaces on every section of the chair.

Two handy bags evenly distribute the weight and make carrying easy.