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Break the non-healing cycle with native collagen.

More than 75% of the protein within our skin is collagen. As one of the body’s primary natural resources and a component within the dermis, collagen plays a key role in wound healing. Medline’s Puracol brand introduces the most robust collagen portfolio in the wound care market.

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Puracol Plus Ag+

Promote natural healing in stalled wounds.

Puracol’s proprietary manufacturing process preserves the collagen’s natural, triple helix structure. The result? A dressing that more closely resembles our body’s native collagen. This high quality collagen dressing with silver helps jump start stalled or chronic wounds when antimicrobial properties of silver are desired.

Clinical efficacy

Evaluation of a Bovine 100% native collagen for the treatment of chronic wounds.

Shishir V. Shah, DO, CWS and Debashish Charkravarthy, PhD

This case series presents the authors experience with a bovine-derived, 100% native, type I collagen in patients with chronic and persistent wounds.

Wound closure within 90 days

Puracol case study graphic

The Antimicrobial efficacy of Puracol Plus Ag+

When tested, Puracol Plus Ag+ had a greater than 4 log reduction against common organisms.

Puracol Plus Ag+

Puracol Plus Ag+ Clinical Support