Page: PF271523 Interfold Dry Wipe

FitRight® Ultrasoft™ Dry Wipes

For personal cleansing, or cleaning surfaces, these disposable dry wipes provide the perfect touch. They’re great for applying cleansers or cosmetics, wiping up spills, and many other purposes. Best of all, the handy dispenser top makes it easy to pick one at a time for fewer wasted wipes.

Pure dry wipes that work perfectly with:
Plain Water, Skin Cleansers, Soaps, Detergents, Baby Lotions,
Moisturizers, Barriers & Protectants


Interfold Design

Folded neatly to easily pull out one wipe at a time. Hard pop-top helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Soft & Gentle

Softspun non-woven fabric is softer than reusable cloth.


Soak up spills or enrich with cleansers and more.


Free of alcohol, abrasives, parabens, chemicals, latex, harsh soaps & fragrance.


Item FitRight
Dry Wipes
Hydrating Cleanser
Baby Diapers
Adult Briefs
Product SKU FRDW263854 MSC092104 MBD2007Z FITULTRAXLG
Description Softspun dry wipes,
Gentle, non-drying foam
Super absorbent,
leak resistant
Super absorbent,
leak resistant, wicking
to keep skin drier
Uses Personal &
surface cleansing,
incontinence care
Skin friendly
incontinence cleansing
Wicks moisture away
from skin to keep
skin drier
Wicks moisture away
from skin to keep
skin drier
Size 8 x 8 in 4 oz 7 (41+lbs) X-Large
57-66 in
Count 100 per pack 1 bottle 25 per pack 20 per pack