Page: Offset Handle Cane – At Home

Mobile. Modern. Totally you.

Institutional metal? We don’t think so. Match your cane to your look and step out in style.

Canes for the 21st century.

Canes are useful for getting around, but flair typically takes a backseat to function. Take a step in the right direction with Medline’s Offset Handle Fashion Canes, which combine a little inspiration from the runway with usability. Choose from a number of modern prints and colors to add a personal touch to your look the next time you’re out and about.

A Closer Look

  • Fashion meets function: along with a colorful shaft, each cane has a soft black foam handle for an easy grip
  • A wrist strap keeps it securely at your side, even over rough terrain
  • Adjust the height from 29″ to 38″ for a perfect fit
  • Weighs less than a pound, so it won’t contribute to muscle ache or soreness

Who needs a cane?

There’s more than one type of cane user. If you identify with one of the descriptions below, there’s a good chance you could benefit from a cane.


If walking or standing for long periods of time is uncomfortable, and falling is a concern, a cane provides the support you need.


No matter your age, walking unaided can be a chore if you experience instability or spastic movements.


When healing from a lower extremity injury, a cane will help you keep your weight off the affected area.