Page: Micro-Anchor Skin Closures by BandGrip

Healing begins with
a secure close

Applied just like a bandage, BandGrip’s unique micro-anchors
close the wound without needles
or staples, reducing concerns of negative cosmetic outcomes
and the risks associated with
needle sticks.


BandGrip revolutionizes surgical wound closure

Efficient and

Apply in less than 30 seconds. It requires no training to use and no healthcare professional
to remove.

Realize faster patient turnover

Close longer incisions in 1/3 of the time compared to sutures.1

Get a clear view to
the wound

Through telemedicine
the doctor can see how the surgical incision is healing and advise patients regarding removal and

Increase patient

Less discomfort with a greater range of motion, reduced scarring and easy removal.

See how it works

Reference: 1. Time to Closure of Orthopedic Surgical Incisions: A Novel Skin Closure Device Versus Conventional Sutures. White paper on file.