Page: Medline Absorbent Wipers+ Dry Wipes

Medline Absorbent Wipers+

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of dry wipes for healthcare facilities nationwide, Medline Absorbent Wipers+ are particularly suited for heavy duty cleaning jobs that need a strong wipe, wet or dry. With these durable wipers, you can do more while using less.



  • General EVS and spills

  • Surface cleaning

  • Incontinence clean up

Lab testing has shown Medline Absorbent Wipers+ outperform the competition on important attributes like absorbency and strength.

Medline Absorbent Wipers+—The more absorbent, durable solution for every type of cleaning task.

More absorbent than leading competitor to soak up the largest spills.

Surface disinfection with your choice of cleansers and disinfectants.

10x more tear resistant when wet. 6x more tear resistant when dry.

Non-woven fabric is soft enough for use on skin.