Page: MedGel Radiotranslucent Cloth Electrode

Accurate Tracings. Every Time.

Specially-formulated high-performance gel and extended conductive surface deliver clear, consistent tracings

Reliable Monitoring

  • Strong adhesive for demanding environments
  • Highly conductive gel ensures optimal signal quality

Easy to Handle

  • Full-edge lift tab allows easy removal

Comprehensive Selection

  • Choose from a variety of materials, shapes and sizes
  • Available in tape and foam


Perforated strip backing offers easy lead wire attachment

Gridlines on the strip backing promote clinician safety

Resealable bag prolongs freshness (50 packs only)

Color-coded packaging makes product selection intuitive

Can be used during MRIs, X-rays and in other places where metal is prohibited

Also available in the following materials


Provides flexibility and fluid resistance


Offers clear visibility of skin under the electrode

Recommended for use in the following areas

  • Cath Lab

  • Radiology