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Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressings bring the science of the ocean to wound care.
Made with Chytoform fibers to absorb minor bleeding.

Medline Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing is the first to utilize Chytoform, a chitosan-based gelling technology. Smooth, thin and conformable, it retains its shape to maintain close contact with the wound throughout the healing process. Opticell comes in two cut-to-fit shapes: fiber sheet and fiber ribbon. The fiber sheet has a low-profile design that makes it ideal for most wound applications. The ribbon dressing is made for use in deep wounds and is reinforced with strong fiber stitching to ensure easy, one-piece removal.

Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressings contains shellfish and are not recommended for those with shellfish allergies.

Chytoform technology—gelling fibers offer advanced gelling absorbency for draining wounds

Chytoform gelling fibers contain chitosan, a breakthrough biological material derived from crustacean shells. At the forefront of academic and clinical wound research, chitosan is widely used in other healthcare applications. Its unique ability to aid in chronic wound healing makes it a natural choice for use in premium, hospital-grade Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressings.

   Opticell Gelling Fiber Sheets

   Opticell Gelling Fiber Ribbon

Description Chitosan-based gelling fiber Chitosan-based gelling ribbon reinforced for extra strength
Application Fiber sheet sits against wound Fiber ribbon fills wound
Antibacterial Yes Yes
Use with secondary dressing Yes Yes
Cut to Fit Yes Yes

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