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Steady, adaptable and more maneuverable than ever.

Step forward with Medline’s Folding Paddle Walker.

Maximize mobility without sacrificing support.

Medline’s Folding Paddle Walker is an upgraded version of a classic two-button walker, meaning both sides fold inward independently. This unique capability makes it easier to navigate through narrow spaces and offers greater stability while standing. Rather than buttons, though, this walker features special “paddles” under the handles that let you manipulate each side without needing to let go of the handle, so you never have to sacrifice support. This means more maneuverability with greater stability than ever before.

How do paddles work?

Simply push down or pull up on the paddles under the handles to pivot the side of the walker inward. Placed comfortably within your fingers’ reach, the paddles help eliminate the need to let go of the handles while you maneuver or transition between sitting and standing.

Flawless folding for simple transport.

The Paddle Walker neatly collapses for simple transport and storage. Once folded, its lightweight, 6.8-lb. frame can be carried in one hand and effortlessly lifted into a car or stowed in a closet. Plus, the folded walker is easy to tuck into corners or under tables and chairs to keep it out of the way in tight spaces such as restaurants, theaters and other crowded places.

Compact fold.

All four legs also bend in half for an even more compact fold. Attached by shock cords, they are easy to swing up and clip securely to the frame.

Walk your way with 2 front leg options.

The walker comes standard with two front leg extension options. Choose between classic plastic-tipped front legs and smooth-rolling 5″ wheels. They’re easy to swap to meet the needs of your day.

Option #1: Tips

The classic plastic-tipped leg extensions provide sturdy support for sure steps. They’re ideal for users who typically walk at a slower pace or for shorter distances.

Option #2: Wheels

Ideal for longer strolls, the smooth 5″ wheels roll forward to match your pace so you don’t need to lift the walker all the way off the ground as you step.