Page: Level 1 Isolation Gowns

Protect your people and your bottom line.

You want to know you’re protected. Our protective apparel goes through rigorous testing and meets strict FDA guidelines. We follow the highest quality standards to make sure you get the protection you need.


Main Features

Side ties to eliminate difficulties of tying behind the back

Neck tie style to help ensure gown stays securely in place


Thumb loop wrists for a good gown and glove fit

Color-coded neck to identify level of barrier protection


Know the barriers of protection.



1. Considerations for selecting protective clothing used in healthcare for protection against microorganisms in blood and body fluids. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Table 3: ANSI/AAMI PB 70:12 Classification of barrier performance of surgical gowns, other protective apparel, surgical drapes and drape accessories. Available at: Accessed May 3, 2016.