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Let Iodine Take Biofilm to Task

Chronic wounds are caused by chronic infections, which are caused by biofilm. Biofilms are very tolerant of antimicrobials, and this contributes to their chronicity. Biofilms are also polymicrobial and, on average, contain five species. Introducing IoPlex, a new way to effectively manage biofilms. IoPlex is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is relentless against biofilm.

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Uncover the power of iodine inside IoPlex.

IoPlex with I-Plexomer is the world’s only controlled-release iodine foam dressing. IoPlex has a proprietary controlled-release system that allows for regulation and sustained infection management through the slow release of iodine within the wound dressing. IoPlex is highly absorbent, gentle, stackable, and easy to apply and remove.

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