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All-in-One Pressure Relief and Skin Protection.*

The heels are the most common site for facility-acquired pressure injuries in long-term care facilities and the second most common site for pressure injuries overall1. According to clinical experts, the most effective pressure injury prevention for the heels is pressure relief known as offloading1,2. Offloading is achieved with heel protection devices that relieve pressure by elevating the heel.

Heelmedix heel protectors, designed with the help of clinicians, offer supreme offloading and foot drop protection as a vital part of your comprehensive skin management program.

*Effective pressure relief helps prevent skin breakdown.

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**Ultra-Fresh is an EPA-registered antimicrobial. This product does not protect users or others from disease-causing bacteria. Always clean according to Instructions for use.

Available in Three Sizes to Accommodate Most Patients

To fit Heelmedix properly, measure the circumference of the patients calf at its largest point. Color-coded tags (shown below) help to quickly identify size.


Multiple Strapping Options for Custom Fit, Comfort and Results



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