Page: Great Grip Weighted & Bendable Utensils

Utensils that adapt to you,
not the other way around.

People with different motor control abilities will have an easier time eating thanks to bendable utensils with added heft.

Hefty. Flexible. Essential.

We’ve added extra weight to each of our Great Grip Weighted & Bendable Utensils. Why? Because the added heft makes them easier to control, especially if you have Parkinson’s disease, spastic movements or limited fine motor skills. It’s time to put down the store-bought flatware and take up these essential tools of daily living.

A closer look

  • Each piece features a soft, built-up handle for a better grip
  • The head can be bent to the left or right at nearly any angle to meet your needs
  • 6 oz. of added weight helps improve hand-to-mouth coordination
  • Made of dishwasher-safe metal and nylon; no special care is required

Easy pieces for everyday
Choose the right set for you from our complete line of adaptive living utensils.

Lightweight Utensils

Utensils weigh only 1.1 oz. Made from stainless steel with a black nylon handle.

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Great Grip Bendable Utensils

Soft, built-up handle for easy grip. Metal shaft is bendable right or left at any angle to fit specific needs.

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Great Grip Weighted and Bendable Utensils

Better control with built-up handle and 6 oz. of added weight. Head is bendable for individuals with limited hand control, Parkinson’s disease or spasticity.

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