Page: Gemini Bonded Wrap

Have greater confidence in your sterilization process.

Proven Barrier Protection

Strong multi-layer, 100% polypropylene construction provides high-level barrier protection against fluid and particulates

Easy to Use

  • Drapeable with less memory when opening
  • Soft, smooth finish is easy to handle and fold


Indicated for use in all major sterilization cycles:

  • Pre-Vacuum Steam Cycles
  • Gravity Steam Cycles
  • Ethylene Oxide (ETO) Sterilization
  • STERRAD┬« Sterilization
  • Steris V-Pro┬«

Looking for more options? View all strengths:

Strength Recommended for
Lightweight Light trays, small linen packs, small medical devices, and small instruments
Regular weight Packs, light basin sets, instruments, medical devices, linen packs, and trays
Medium weight Large packs, large medical devices, basin sets, and instrument trays
Heavyweight Heavy instrument sets and multiple basin sets
Super heavyweight Very large and heavy instrument sets that require extra strength
Titan Very large and heavy instrument sets that demand maximum strength and durability