Page: EVENCARE G2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Easy, accurate blood glucose monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Designed with convenience in mind, the portable EvenCare G2 kit delivers the error-free results you need without the wait or the hassle. Three simple buttons allow you to navigate the meter with ease, and built-in, optional voice guidance walks you through the testing process, helping to minimize errors and so you can get accurate results with just one prick. Packed with everything you need in a convenient carrying case, including test strips and lancets, the kit is easy to take with you on the go, so you don’t have to set your schedule around testing times. And best of all, the EvenCare G2 meter works rapidly to deliver results in just 6 seconds so you can quickly get back to your daily routine.

Key features:

  • Easy to use: Voice assistance guides you through the testing process and provides results in English or Spanish
  • No coding required: Minimizes errors and inaccurate results
  • Fast test time: Delivers results in 6 seconds
  • Small blood sample size: Requires 1 μL
  • Alternate site testing: Included lacing pen adapter gives you the option to test on the forearm or palm rather than fingertips
  • Memory option: Stores 300 test results with date and time, and provides 7-, 14- and 30-day averaging
  • Alarm option: Set reminders for up to 3 different times per day

What’s included in the Starter Kit?

The EvenCare G2 Starter Kit contains everything you need to start self-testing for accurate glucose levels. Most of the kit components are available for separate purchase for easy re-stocking and replacement.

Starter Kit (MPH1545) includes:

1. EvenCare G2 Blood Glucose Meter (Buy separately here)
2. General purpose lancets – 10 count (Buy 100-count pack separately here)
3. and 4. Lancing pen with alternate site adapter (Buy similar model separately here)
5. EvenCare G2 Test Strips – 10 count (Buy 600-count pack separately here)
6. Batteries for meter (not pictured; not sold separately)
7. Carrying case (not pictured; not sold separately)
8. Log book (not pictured; not sold separately)


EvenCare G2 Glucose Control Solutions
(not included in kit)

EvenCare G2 High/Low Control Solutions are not included in the kit, but are recommended for use in ensuring your G2 meter stays accurate over time. Buy EvenCare G2 control solutions separately here.

How to use EvenCare G2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System