Page: EquaGel Balance Cushion

Pressure ulcer prevention is important for patient safety. Hospitals and nursing homes spend large amounts of money, time, and effort on preventing pressure ulcers. And for good reason. Healthcare workers know these injuries are hard to treat, and sometimes deadly, yet avoidable with the right products, including medical-grade cushions that redistribute pressure away from bony prominences. And now you can get these same seat cushions to help care for your loved-one at home.

The patented dual-layer structure and Micro-Immersion technology provide remarkable pressure redistribution away from bony prominences. For example, if you put your keys on the cushion and sat down on top of them, you would hardly feel them at all.

Unique gel made of a visco hyper-elastic polymer provides a cooling effect.

Open-cell design lets air move freely to help prevent moisture buildup.

Friction and Shear
The cover stretches in all directions to help reduce friction and shear.

Additional benefits of EquaGel:


Virtually maintenance-free

Traditional wheelchair cushions are inflated with air, and re-adjustments to the pump to reach the correct pressure can be challenging and time-consuming. With the EquaGel Adjustable Cushion, there’s no pump to maintain, repair or replace. The unique design automatically adjusts to the person’s every move. Plus, the cover resists liquids and can be removed and laundered with ease.



Improved stability

The precision contour helps promote good posture and keep your loved one in place. Two gel inserts are included for custom positioning.


Universal size

Can be used with most wheelchair models or on any regular chair.