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Be sure. DermAssure.

First there were powder-free surgical gloves. Then there were surgical gloves made without natural rubber latex. Now there is Medline DermAssure Green — an advanced surgical glove made without natural rubber latex, without powder and without chemical accelerators to enhance performance and promote safety while double gloving.

The new standard in surgical gloves:

  • Universal application
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • No cuff rolldown
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Bonds with outer glove
  • Safety – Double-gloving



Contact dermatitis (along with other occupational skin diseases)
is the second-most common occupational disease, projects the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics.1

Advancing Comfort and Tactile Sensitivity

DermAssure Green is manufactured with a technologically advanced formulation that is not made with chemical accelerators, but still provides the outstanding comfort and performance you expect and need.

DermAssure Green is made with next-generation synthetic materials for a soft feel and enhanced tactile sensitivity. The secret to DermAssure’s success is a new polychloroprene formulation that provides an enhanced fit and flexibility to reduce hand fatigue and allow for more natural movement compared to current accelerator-free and synthetic gloves.

Double Gloving with DermAssure Green

The risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens is a major concern for surgeons and operating room staff. Often undetectable to the human eye, microperforations in surgical gloves are large enough to allow pathogens to pass between the glove wearer and the patient and cause infection.

The evidence for double gloving is overwhelming and it’s quickly becoming standard practice. The CDC has endorsed double gloving as have the seven members of the Council on Surgical & Perioperative Safety, which includes the American College of Surgeons, AORN, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Association of Surgical Technologists.5


Punctured glove – double gloving with a dark green underglove.


Double-gloving can reduce the risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluid by as much as 87% if the outer glove is punctured.6

In one study, more than three-fourths (77%) of 582 glove wearers who wore a color-coded double-glove system detected glove perforations.5

DermAssure Green Exceeds Industry Quality Standards

Surgeons and staff can feel confident knowing that Medline DermAssure Green surgical gloves are 100% inspected for pinholes, tears and visual defects. Medline’s 0.65 AQL is 57% more stringent than the FDA requires. Medline’s testing also meets or exceeds ASTM, EN and ISO standards.

Medline’s DermAssure Green has been tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.



DermAssure Green Technical Data Sheet



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