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Reduce post-op surgical stress and enhance recovery


Surgical stress in the presence of fasting worsens the catabolic state, causing insulin resistance and may delay recovery.


Complex carbohydrate-rich drinks given pre-operatively help reduce discomfort, nausea and vomiting which can allow for speedy recovery with fewer complications.

Pre-Surgery Carb+


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Ready-to-drink beverage provides pre-surgery nutritional support and hydration


A complex carbohydrate to enter surgery in a fed state that readily empties from the stomach



An amino acid building block for protein that improves circulation and immunity


A trace mineral antioxidant that boosts the immune system


A trace mineral that aids in wound healing

Recommended usage

Directions for use: Drink 2 bottles the night before surgery and 1 bottle up to 2 hours before surgery, as directed by your doctor.

Not for parenteral use.

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‡ This product has not been reviewed or endorsed by the ERAS® Society. Studies conducted using formulas containing similar nutrients as Medline Pre-Surgery Carb+.