Page: Bariatric Contour Blood Pressure Cuffs

Do you know the real costs of your BP Cuffs?

Research shows that reusable BP cuffs frequently carry live bacteria. The cost both financially and to your patient’s health can be high.
The good news: switch to our disposable cuffs and help reduce cross contamination.

For larger arms, shape matters.

Our disposable blood pressure cuffs are beneficial for your patients and more efficient for your caregivers. Here’s how

Standardize and simplify your BP system

Streamline and adapt your organization so that only one type of connector is needed with our Standardization Program.
We partner with you every step of the way—from assessing your inventory and cross-referencing products,
to a full conversion that includes:

Free adapters

Installation of adapters

In-service for your staff

Cuffs for your facility

Talk to your Medline Representative about standardizing your blood pressure system today.