Page: AU480 Analyzer by Beckman Coulter Inc.

Versatile, efficient and perfect as the primary chemistry analyzer for medium to large Physician Office Labs, the AU480 is a powerful productivity-booster.  With proven reliability for greater up-time and easy, no-tools parts replacement, you can count on it to keep up with the changing needs of your facility.

Broad test menu
Open system processes more than 120 tests and accommodates other manufacturer assays.1


Reagents are standardized across AU devices.

High capacity
Runs up to 800 tests per hour using ISE, and 400 without.

Low maintenance
Requires only five minutes of daily maintenance.


Continuous loading
80-sample continuous rack loader.

STAT capabilities
Up to 22 positions with random access.

Glass cuvettes
High-quality, permanent glass cuvettes reduce consumable requirements.