Page: Attest Auto-reader 490 for Steam Sterilization by 3M

When the sterility of your instruments is in question, the health and safety of your patients are at risk. The 3M Attest system for steam sterilization gives you the technology you need to make monitoring every load possible—with a reader that delivers BI results in soon as 24 minutes. Plus, the Attest advantage helps standardize workflows and processes, reducing human error and ensuring an even higher level of patient safety.


  • Dual Auto reader features Any Well technology—allowing steam and VH202 BIs to be incubated in any well of the auto reader at the same time
  • Intelligent display with time-to-result countdown feature
  • Display is viewable remotely using your PC
  • Use the 3M™ Web Application for real-time BI status, results and digital record keeping
  • Reader connects to leading instrument tracking software systems

Preparation and Use


Remove the BI from the pouch and reseal. Verify the media ampoule is intact and that the on-cap indicator stripes are blue.


Place the BI and chemical indicator (CI) in the peel-pouch indicated for use in vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) sterilization processes.


Seal the pouch and place inside the sterilizer, white side up. Process the load as recommended by the sterilizer manufacturer.


When the cycle is complete, inspect and verify the media ampoule is intact and that the on-cap indicator stripes have turned towards pink. Identify the BI by writing on the label.

Activation and Incubation


Squeeze the BI in the activator to close the cap and crush the media ampoule.


Remove the BI and flick your wrist to ensure media flows into the growth chamber.


Verify the media has transferred to the BI growth chamber at the bottom of the vial.


Place the activated BI in any well—the LCD panel displays remaining minutes of incubation or the test results. DO NOT REMOVE THE BI until the (+) or (-) symbol indicates the test is complete.

Interpreting Results

Support to Help Ensure Patient Safety

Consistent Training
Train your staff on how to operate just one brand of Auto-reader. Identical user interfaces simplify training and helps ensure reliable user reading of BI results.

Consistent Record Keeping and Instrument Tracking
Processing and recording of BI results is also consistent and simplified for steam, VH2O2 and EO sterilization. Attest™ Auto-readers can connect to and share biological indicator results with current instrument tracking software including Censitrac, Microsystems, CareFusion, Haldor Advanced Technologies and Getinge Group.

Support for Recommended Guidelines
The Attest™ brand advantage offers some of the fastest BIs on the market* and a deep portfolio of rapid BI technology to support the practice of Every Load Monitoring. It also offers a portfolio of monitoring products including chemical indicators and indicator tapes, all backed by 3M science and support.

Education and Training
Take advantage of the 3M™ Health Care Academy to help stay up to date on industry trends, to earn continuing education credits and to raise the skill level of your department.


*FDA cleared, commercially available products as of April 2017.