Page: Advantage Contour 2.2 Mattress

Two-zone top layer for a super soft heel section.

Anatomical Zone Layer

Side view of mattress highlights contoured foam design that mirrors the shape of the body to redistribute pressure.

Advantage Contour Selection Guide

Find the right Advantage mattress to meet your needs.

Mattress Zones Layers Risk level Capacity Warranty
Advantage Contour 4.4 4 Zones 4 Layers Single Site Stage III 450 lbs. 15 years
Advantage Contour 3.3 3 Zones 3 Layers High Risk–Stage II 400 lbs. 10 years
Advantage Contour 2.2 2 Zones 2 Layers High Risk–Stage II 350 lbs. 5 years
Advantage Bariatric 2 Zones 3 Layers High Risk–Stage II 800 lbs./ 100lbs. 5 years